Goodbye, Nicolette Nester. Goodbye, Kate Hemmings.

I just found out we lost Katie.

Or Nikki.

She had a few names; it doesn't matter. They all referred to the same person.

If you knew her only in recent years, you might not recognize her from this photo. It's the only picture I have of her. For many years now, I have known Katie mainly as a voice on a phone. Usually, it was a phone that had rung at an odd hour of the night. As out-of-date as this picture may be, this has always been the face I have been talking to.

Katie was a pain in the ass. She was frustrating, and obstinante, and self-defeating and infuriating and maddeningly incapable of forward motion. She was unreliable, and wrong about so many things, so often.

But, she was also funny, smart, and thoughtful. She was interesting, and interested, and at times, she could be startlingly empathetic.

And she was my friend.

I will miss her terribly. I already do.

Goodbye, Miss Katie.

February 7, 2008

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